KWIT-KOJI is an Equal Opportunity Employer

Reporting Period October 1, 2014 through September 30, 2015

EEO Public File Report

No full-time positions open.

Long term initiatives for filling full-time openings at KWIT-KOJI:

Western Iowa Tech Community College's Director of Human Resources is responsible for overseeing KWIT-KOJI's recruitment and hiring practices. The practices and policies for hiring employees at Western Iowa Tech are consistent with all EEO guidelines.

Employment opportunities (when available) for full-time positions include advertising on the College's web job line and internal postings of the job in the human resources office. Full-time job openings are advertised in the Sioux City Journal, on the Western Iowa Tech website and on the KWIT-KOJI station web site, The Siouxland Shopper's Guide and Mundo Latino, a weekly Spanish news publication.

Applications are submitted to the Human Resources Department at Western Iowa Tech Community College and reviewed and received by Mrs. Brenda Bradley, Director of Human Resources. Applications are reviewed by the General Manager and Operations Manager at KWIT-KOJI and a pool of qualified candidates are contacted for interviews. Candidates are interviewed and the most qualified individuals are contacted and interviewed by committee.  Recommendations are made and a job offered.

EEO Public File Report: Narrative Statement
KWIT-KOJI is licensed to Western Iowa Tech Community College. The radio station functions on a small staff of five full-time people and seven part-time people.

When a full-time position does become available recruitment to the position would be conducted through the Human Resources office at Western Iowa Tech Community College. Specifically the job would be advertised for a specific period of time on the Western Iowa Tech job line at and the radio station web site at Additional recruitment would be a job ad placed in The Sioux City Journal, The Shopper's Guide and Mundo Latino.  The Workforce Development Center located in Sioux City, Iowa, is a clearinghouse for information on job openings.

Applications that are returned to the attention of Mrs. Brenda Bradley in the Human Resources office at Western Iowa Tech Community College are photocopied and sent to the General Manager of the station. Applications are reviewed by the General Manager and Operations Manager of KWIT-KOJI. Qualified candidates for the position are contacted and interviews are scheduled and conducted at the radio station. The most qualified candidate is scheduled for a final interview and contacted with a job offer.

Outreach Initiatives:

South of the Border host Isaac Quiñonez represented the Station at annual community celebrations of Cinco de Mayo.

Long –Term Initiatives:
General Manager Gretchen Gondek attends monthly "Thrive" management training, and Operations Manager Steve Smith attends monthly "Grow" management training through Western Iowa Tech Community College.  Mark Munger attends "Propel" management training sessions.  General Manager Gretchen Gondek speaks regularly to service clubs about public radio. 

Chief Engineer Dennis Semple attended April 2015 NAB and PRC conventions in Las Vegas.