Little Person, Big Trucks

Jan 20, 2015

Recently, I was given the responsibility to produce my first radio program for FM90 -- a huge honor. After a week or so of constant searching for a story to report, one fell right into my lap. Monster trucks were coming to Siouxland, and just as the radio station had done last year, they wanted to send someone to cover the event. Lucky me.

I was a like a fish out of water. The world of monster truck racing is not a world I have ever delved into in my personal life. But, I was eager to learn about something new.    

Cat Stevens has re-started his career under the name Yusuf Islam. His latest recording is on the bluesier side of folk and it’s been a mainstay on the TOB for a couple of months now.  If you’ve not heard it yet, you can hear it now on the 10 O’clock Blues.


a poodle named shadow
Mark Munger

Shadow and his two daughters came to the Humane Society from a loving home, but now he is the last of his family still needing adoption. He loves to be held, and he has learned to do a special dance when he wants up. Hear about him on Welcome. Sit. Stay. 

Rough diagram of the food system

Laurie Taylor, ISU Extension and Outreach regional food coordinator, visits with FM90’s Gretchen Gondek about the 2nd Northwest Iowa Local Food Summit, happening Thursday, January 29th, at the Northwest Iowa Community College in Sheldon, Iowa. 

Portrait of Ronny Morton Jr.
Scott Martinson



Janine Calsbeek

Yunnan province in southwestern China spreads between the tropical jungles of Burma and Vietnam on the South and the Himalayan heights of Tibet on the north; it's a massive land with dynamic features and history. Shanren, comprised of musicians from this region, joins together the features and traditions that have been shaped by these dynamics as well as the by the band members' studies and travels throughout the world.  

Laughing Her Lips Off

Jan 15, 2015

FM90’s Gretchen Gondek visits with local author and humorist Jenny Herrick about enjoying life and overcoming challenges through laughter.

TOB: Best Album of 2014

Jan 14, 2015
Music Library
Mark Munger

Steve Smith presents the best of the blues from 2014. 

CJBF Poster

The Cherokee Jazz and Blues Festival kindles our tundra-frozen senses each year, reminding us that there is more to life than layering. Jim Adamson, the mover and shaker behind the fest, joins FM90's Steve Smith to talk about this years bill and the history of the CJBF.