Ally Karsyn

Arts Producer/Announcer
Bob Protexter
Ally Karsyn

Bob Protexter lived in Moscow on and off for seven years as a baseball scout for the California Angels. 

Ode: An unexpected gift

Dec 14, 2017
Sara Culley
Ally Karsyn

For the longest the time, I thought my mother didn’t like me very much.

Paul Johnson
Ally Karsyn

My family never had the money to buy a Christmas tree—not even a fake one.

Jay Rosenberg
Ally Karsyn

Like a lot of Jews on Christmas Day, my family congregated at the movies and Chinese restaurants.

Patti Strong
Ally Karsyn

What I hear is her voice.

Ode - Holiday Joy & Mayhem
Ally Karsyn

Holidays are hard. There, we said it. Often, stress runs high, money runs low, and there are all these expectations of how things should be. 

It's become a holiday tradition for local musicians to collaborate on a Christmas album for a cause.

Jeremiah Grimm
Ally Karsyn

Fire, roaches, bad roommates—he's had them all.

Lisa Soukup
Ally Karsyn

"Home was having the same friends and stuff and family around me. It was watching the sun rise over the beaches of Australia and breathing in the minty, sweet smell of Eucalyptus trees."

Risty Bryce puts his lips to a microphone in a middle school band room in Pierson, Iowa. It’s not his usual setting for a percussion performance, but today is special. For the first time, he’s seeing a seventh grade student, Kennedi Vondrak, play the bass drum, using a sound activated device.