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Mark Munger

Roger Caudron, secretary/treasurer of Buy Fresh Buy Local and an organizer of the Sioux City Farmers' Market, brings Gretchen up to speed on the latest selections of produce at the market. He also tells us about Ribfest (an event hosted by Camp High Hopes this Saturday) and some very cool activities for kids.    

Iowa State Extension

Gretchen speaks with Laurie Taylor (regional foods and Master Gardner coordinator for ISU Extension and Outreach) about community school gardens and the Farm to Fork Dinner on June 25th at the Tucker Hill Vineyard and Winery in Hinton.     


Cats will be presented this Friday and Saturday as part of the Betty Ling Tsang Fine Arts Series at Morningside College. FM90's Gretchen Gondek speaks with Randy Peters, artistic director, and Mike Skaff, director, about the musical.  

Summer commences with Greek Fest in Siouxland. There is lamb, pastry, Greek coffee, and so much more that makes us completely forget about the months we spent burrowed in our coats. Christine McAvoy joins Gretchen to whet our appetites. 

Hear about the grand opening of the Koated Kernals Shoppe showcasing the Jolly Time Pop Corn Museum.  B. J. McClellan talks up her family’s 100 year anniversary and a week-long open house and celebration.

"Up from the Earth" brings homegrown food to those in need, and Dr. Randy Burnight joins Gretchen to discuss this wonderful initiative on this encore edition of Food for Thought.

Gretchen Talks to Jeremy Pigg, director of development at Opportunities Unlimited, about "Culinary Delights--Charitable Nights." Chris Bobian, Minerva's dinning room supervisor, and Andrew Burger, executive chef, also join the conversation.  

Then Feed Just One

Apr 30, 2015