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Aspen is our guest on Welcome. Sit. Stay. You can her at the Siouxland Humane Society.    

Support for Welcome. Sit. Stay. comes from Priscilla E. Forsyth, Attorney at Law, located in Sioux City and providing criminal defense and immigration law services to the Siouxland community. 



The Road to Art

14 hours ago

Our curiosity about art often arouses the desire to see its source, and the annual Artisans Road Trip (ART) satisfies this desire. This weekend art lovers will be allowed into the workshops, pottery houses, studios, and creative spaces of artists living and working in northwest Iowa. One of the artists, Timothy Arand-McIlrath came to our studio to discuss his work and the ART. Listen while you drive.  

  We've turned Welcome. Sit. Stay. up to the Max! He is a lovely fellow, already potty and crate trained.  He enjoys the outdoors, the indoors, long walks, sitting on your lap, you name it. Find him at the Siouxland Humane Society

Helping us turn it up to the Max is Priscilla E. Forsyth, Attorney at Law, located in Sioux City and providing criminal defense and immigration law services to the Siouxland community.

Council on Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence

"One in four girls will be sexually assaulted before they are eighteen," notes Jeremy Pigg. He and Deb Hogan from the Council on Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence (CSADV) joined us to discuss their organizations work as well as the events planned for October, which the city and county will officially recognize as Domestic Violence Awareness Month in the coming week.



Welcome. Sit. Stay. Tink.

Sep 25, 2015

Tink the terrier joins us for Welcome. Sit. Stay. Rumor has it that she was an outside doggy, but from the looks of things, she prefers a lap. Do you have a lap? If so, find Tink at the Siouxland Humane Society. And while we are on the topic of the SHS, Pets on Parade takes place this Saturday, so get you animal-friend and head down to the waterfront. 

Mark Munger

Tonight Lamb Arts Regional Theatre presents the world premier of Stephen Dolginoff's musical Monster Makers. The work brings the audience to three eras of monster movies: the silent era, Hollywood's black-and-white frighteners, and the British Hammer horrors. SPM's Mark Munger went behind the curtain to see just how it was all brought to life... to life... to LIFE.

The 2015 Morningside Piano Recital Series opens with a performance by Yekwon Sunwoo, a young pianist who is lighting the world on fire. He has been winning major international piano competitions for the past few years, including the Vendome Prize at the Verbier Festival, and the top prize at the 2012 William Kapell International Piano competition. 

Isabelle joins us this week. She was found astray in North Sioux City, so you may know her by another name, and, if so, go get your girl at the Siouxland Humane Society. She is a very warm and friendly doggy who would fill anyone's home with a good dose of love and companionship. She only needs that home to fill. 


Sep 15, 2015

Joyce Carol Oates said, “Reading is the sole means by which we slip, involuntarily, often helplessly, into another’s skin, another’s voice, another’s soul.”