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Black Death Jet Set arose from a crepuscular, thorny lot in a forgotten cityscape. A single thread has been left by some unknown person who was here before, who we hope is guiding us someplace good, someplace safe, someplace better. The thread is sound, it is electricity. 

Today we chat with Casey Schroeder about Electricity, BDJS's new album. It will be available at the show this Saturday at the Chesterfield. 

Caucuses are raucous, and it's been a long season of politicking. Jessica Wheeler, whom you may know from the Buddha Cheese Band or Lamb Theatre, but whom we know as Siouxland Public Media's official meditation guide, brings us to an enlightened place, if only for a moment. 

Live at the Old Factory is Field Division, tonight, a folkwave duo from Des Moines. Their songs rise up around you like a warm seltzer, and in the midst of the fuzz is the clear voice of Evelyn Taylor. Get ready for a late night musical swim on tonight’s broadcast of Live at the Old Factory. 

Live at the Old Factory is supported by Orange City Arts Council and the Gilchrist Foundation.

Old Factory

Live at the Old Factory is a series of concerts featuring Iowa artists. It includes a concert, a recording, and an interview. Tonight, we’re going to listen back to the concert featuring Devon Cadwell and the Get Rad Band. Some of our listeners may be familiar with Devon and the band, made up of Nate Johnston and Brad Smith. They played a live set for us during the fall fund drive, and we were flooded with calls and emails from people admiring the music.

Ode Storytelling

Journalist Ally Karsyn founded Ode, a live storytelling series. Compelled by her love of telling stories and a transformative experience at a live storytelling event some 4 years ago, Ally has taken up the seemingly unfathomable burden of producing, managing, and, well, everything that comes with running such a project. This is testament to her love, and it is our good fortune. 

This spring Mara and the gang will be going to D.C. There will also be trips to K.C., I.C., and Omaha (that kind of ruins the initialism theme). Russ Gifford will give lectures on President Polk and women's long struggle to full citizenship. Additionally, there will be movies, books, music, food, wine, massage, you name it. Find your Lifelong Learning catalog here.

Franck's Symphony

Jan 12, 2016

Beethoven's Seventh

Jan 8, 2016