City Council to Revisit Fireworks Ordinance

Jul 7, 2017

On Monday, the Sioux City Council will reconsider its ordinance that allows several days for residents to discharge fireworks. The Iowa legislature legalized the private use of fireworks and cities in April.  Sioux City currently allows fireworks from June 25th until the 4th of July.   This morning at a city news conference, city councilor Dan Moore said he believed that the city allowed too many days for people to set off fireworks.



“I think we are going to look at that.  Now whether we do a complete ban or whether we carve it down to one day or two days, that remains to be seen.  I think we need to have public input.  I wish as a council we would have had more public input in May when we were first taking up the proposal.”

Moore said he was in town on the Fourth of July and drove around to find that the 11:00 cutoff for fireworks discharging was not being followed.



“Sometimes you think, ok maybe 10 after 11, maybe 11:15, we’re all human. So sometimes we’ll push the envelope a little bit. But 1:30 in the morning that same night is just not acceptable.”

Sioux City Mayor Bob Scott said on Facebook Monday that he was so fed up with the bangs of illegal fireworks at night, he will bring up making them off-limits again at the next City Council meeting.  There were at least 350 calls made to police over the 4th of July and the week before about the excessive noise caused by fireworks.