Jeanne Emmons Pt. 3: Siouxland Public Media's Artist of the Month

Jun 28, 2017

Over the past two weeks, we’ve heard several poems by Jeanne Emmons, professor emeritus of English and writing at Briar Cliff University. She’s an avid canoeist, who found a well of inspiration from her humble boat.

"The Red Canoe Awakens to a Spider Web" is the last poem in her soon-to-published, 32-page book.

She can feel it shivering in the

slight breath of morning, between

the thwart and the rear seat, the filaments

radiant in that horizontal light, making

unlikely links, sticky seams in space

to capture the least sailing mayfly

of possibility, the most flagrant fantasy

threading its wings through air.

The maker not showing herself,

hiding in the dark, biding her time.

Jeanne Emmons is Siouxland Public Media’s Artist of the Month. Her new collection of poetry, called “The Red Canoe,” will be released in August. More information is available at Finishing Line Press.