Karen Sowienski, Darling of LAMB Theatre

Feb 7, 2017

Little did Karen Sowienski realize, more than 60 years ago, that she would become the “genius” of the costume department at LAMB Theatre in Sioux City.  But with all of her travels and all of her interests, she came back to the city where she started. She was born in Sioux City and raised in a Greek culture, which she believes gives her a flair for the theatre and affects many of her food choices!  Her grandparents emigrated from Greece and her parents were born in the United States.  She learned to love and be passionate about both cultures, which in turn assists with her work at the theatre.

She was originally introduced to the theatre by her grade school principal in second grade.  She knew that this is what she wanted to do the rest of her life.  She was trained in Low Angeles and did movies out there but she really wanted to come back to her home base of Sioux City.  She had planned on living in New York, too, but after her two children were born, she decided to live in Sioux City.

She loves the space here and how friendly everyone is.  She says, “Everyone knows everyone else.”  According to here, it’s a great place to raise children and to do the things you enjoy.Bottom of Form

Her favorite actress and personal heroine is Bette Davis.  People thought Bette Davis was a “plain Jane,” but she really fooled them.  She became the icon for “Bette Davis Eyes”, and a real heroine of the Screen Actors’ Guild.

Karen is a born environmentalist.  She doesn’t drive a car, but she loves to ride her bike.  She doesn’t own a cell phone, but was once a telephone operator.  She celebrates the 17th of every month and has a passion for everything “giraffe.”  She is currently the costume designer at LAMB Theatre, but secretly used to be a “Go-Go Dancer.”

Karen feels and believes she is a liberated person.  She was once a political collector and is still interested in the events going on throughout the area.  She loves to cook, which this reporter knows personally that she is a good cook, as she shares her special Greek cookies with cast members.  Her favorite costuming projects included The Secret Garden and Sweeney Todd.  Let’s hope we always have people like Karen in Siouxland, celebrating the arts on a daily basis. 

This is the third of eight stories from the feature reporters at Kid Scoop News, a monthly newspaper tabloid designed for and by Siouxland students. The hope is that these readings might inspire others to start recording the stories of friends, family members and loved ones they don't want to forget.