Kids Scoop: Chandra's X-Ray Universe

Apr 19, 2017

Artist illustration of the Chandra X-ray Observatory. Chandra is the most sensitive X-ray telescope ever built.
Credit Wikimedia Commons

STS-93 launches in 1999
Credit Wikimedia Commons

This past month, two Kid Scoop News feature reporters, Brianna Martinez and Sydney Hopkins, interviewed author Wallace H. Tucker, author of Chandra's Cosmos: Dark Matter, Black Holes, and Other Wonders Revealed by NASA's Premier X-Ray Observatory, via Skype.  After questions were answered and good-byes were said, Sydney and Brianna assisted Education Coordinator Jeanette Hopkins with the development of their first radio reporter script.  A very special thank you to Mark Munger and his staff for giving the reporters this special opportunity and for airing the book reviews.  Our feature reporters look forward to more interviews and more creative ways of sharing the interview responses.   

(Produced by Amanda Mumm)