Wrapping Paper Industry Puts A Bow On 2011

Dec 26, 2011
Originally published on December 26, 2011 6:16 am
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Retailers are counting up all the technology and toys, and other gifts they sold leading up to Christmas. And so far the numbers are strong. Before putting them under the tree, a lot of paper was necessary. And so our last word in business today is: it's a wrap.


Wrapping paper companies are putting a bow on what looks to be a pretty pattern for this sales year.

The Wall Street Journal reports while there's no industry-wide data available yet, U.S. gift-wrap makers are expecting to post their strongest sales in years.

INSKEEP: The industry was shredded during the recession when many stores stopped offering gift-wrapping service. The Journal says 99-cent rolls of paper and fancy designs were popular this year, though. And so now you can stock up for next year at the after Christmas sales.

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