The TRIPLE GOOD Music Show - 9.08.17 (PROMO)

Sep 5, 2017

Left to right to left: Mad Monks, Andrew David, Devon Cadwell, DAD, The Prairie Cats, Halfloves

Heyo, TRIPLE platinum music lovers! 

Tune in this week, and hear some indie rock/dark pop, swing/jump blues, hip hop, and more! PLUS, an interview with Protige of DAD, of Sioux City. 

This week's artists: 

DAD, hip-hop duo from Sioux City, Iowa.

Halfloves, Indie rock/Dark pop group from Iowa City, Iowa.

The Prairie Cats, Swing/Jump Blues group from Omaha, Nebraska.

Devon Cadwell, Alternative artist from Sioux City, Iowa

Andrew David, Indie folk artist from Des Moines, Iowa.

Mad Monks, Rock from Iowa City, Iowa.

The TRIPLE GOOD Music Show, host, producer, and founder, Bertha Iñiguez
Credit Bertha Iniguez
Sir Duke, lover of quality music.
Credit Bertha Iniguez