Ode is a storytelling series where community members tell true stories on stage to promote positive impact through empathy.

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I’m convinced that meeting the parents often happens over a meal so you have something to stick in your mouth—besides your foot.

Ode: Food, insecure

Jan 10, 2018
Patti Strong
Ally Karsyn

My mom grew up eating lard sandwiches. No meat or cheese. Just lard on bread.

Ode - Live storytelling in Sioux City
Ally Karsyn

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Molly Dowell Baum
Ally Karsyn


On a sunny Saturday morning in California, my spouse Ryan and I arrived at the Chabad House of Oakland for Shabbat.

Devon Cadwell
Ally Karsyn

After a week of being sedated in the ICU with a feeding tube down my throat, I awoke hungry and confused.

Amelia Saint
Ally Karsyn

When my oldest son was about six months old, I took him to his first Royals game.

Nesrin Abu Ata
Ally Karsyn

I was in the Hispanic food aisle in Walmart when I heard a white woman say, “What is this?”

Kelly Burds
Ally Karsyn

In college, I was the girl who would low-key judge people for playing Christmas music the second Thanksgiving was over.

Kari Kellen
Ally Karsyn

My step into motherhood wasn’t that much different than most moms—lots of initial excitement and nervousness, followed by steady weight gain over the next nine months. But my first child wasn’t a cute little baby. I became an instant-mom to two teenagers instead.


Mike Goll
Ally Karsyn

Easter makes me… uncomfortable.