Saturday Night Jazz

Saturdays, 7p - 10pm
Eddie Dunn

Get a three-hour workout in America's true art form with Eddie Dunn and Saturday Night Jazz. Dunn's satin-smooth voice and creative delivery have caused more than one KWIT-KOJI listener to assume that SNJ is a syndicated program. We are proud to say however, that Mr. Dunn can be heard exclusively on the airwaves of KWIT-KOJI.

Dunn started in radio after what he calls his "first failed attempt at a career in music," at a Middle of the Road station in Vermillion South Dakota. It was there that he would violate the station's MOR format with his own jazz show.

The call of the West Coast and a series of employment opportunities therein would take Dunn away for several years but he returned to the Midwest over a decade ago to fill a position at Western Iowa Tech Community College. He has hosted Saturday Night Jazz ever since, building his set lists almost entirely from new or recently re-issued material. "I've often said that right now is the real golden age of jazz," says Dunn pointing to talented young artists like Christian McBride and Diana Krall. He also nurtures his creative side by playing bass and singing in the local jazz combo the Eddie Dunn Project.

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July 19, 2014

7:00 PM
Artist : Frank Macchia
Album : Saxolollapalooza
Label : FMC 514
7:07 PM
Some Other Time
Artist : Janice Borla
Album : Promises to Burn
Label : Tall Grass 8281
7:14 PM
Artist : Hutcherson et al
Album : Enjoy the View
Label : Blue Note 001977902
7:21 PM
Blue Skies
Artist : Marsalis/Roberts
Album : Together Again
Label : J-Master
7:28 PM
Artist : Stockton Helbing
Album : Handprints
Label : Armored 8029
7:35 PM
Syeeda’s Song Flute
Artist : King William Jazz Collective
Album : King William Jazz Collective
Label : BK 0003
7:42 PM
Love is Many Splendored
Artist : Jeff Hackworth
Album : Where the Blue Begins
Label : BBM 1004
7:49 PM
I Thought About You
Artist : Toni Lincoln
Album : Toni Lincoln
Label : NWR 55510
7:56 PM
Artist : Todd Bishop
Album : Travelogue
Label : Origin 82664
8:03 PM
Baraka Sasa
Artist : Steve Khan
Album : Subtext
Label : Tone Center 40752
8:10 PM
Just Say It
Artist : Dafnis Prieto
Album : Taking the Soul
Label : Dafnison 001
8:17 PM
Our Dreams
Artist : Anthony Branker
Album : The Forward Suite
Label : Origin 82663
8:24 PM
I Wanted to Say
Artist : Cyrus Chestnut
Album : Midnight Melodies
Label : SSR 1408
8:31 PM
QP Doll
Artist : Mitch Paliga
Album : Fall Night
Label : Origin 82497
8:38 PM
Desert Tale
Artist : Jacques Voyemant
Album : Arrival
Label : Elyria 1001
8:45 PM
Artist : Scottish National Jazz Orchestra
Album : American Adventure
Label : Spartacus 018
8:52 PM
The Morning After
Artist : Sean Jones
Album : Im-Pro-Vise
Label : MAC 1080
8:59 PM
Pipe Down
Artist : Tynan/Lington
Album : Bicoastal Collective Ch. 4
Label : OA2 22110
9:06 PM
Searching the Unknown
Artist : Gerald Beckett
Album : The Messenger
Label : Summit 628
9:13 PM
Spirit Night
Artist : Azar Lawrence
Album : The Seeker
Label : SSC 1392
9:20 PM
Blame It On My Youth
Artist : Jackie Allen
Album : My Favorite Color
Label : Avant Bass 1905
9:27 PM
You & I
Artist : Adam Schroeder
Album : Let's
Label : Capri 74134-2
9:34 PM
Artist : Chris Parker
Album : Full Circle
Label : OA2 22107
9:41 PM
Eddie Harris
Artist : David Hazeltine
Album : For All We Know
Label : SSR 1405