Saturday Night Jazz

Saturdays, 7p - 10pm
Eddie Dunn

Get a three-hour workout in America's true art form with Eddie Dunn and Saturday Night Jazz. Dunn's satin-smooth voice and creative delivery have caused more than one KWIT-KOJI listener to assume that SNJ is a syndicated program. We are proud to say however, that Mr. Dunn can be heard exclusively on the airwaves of KWIT-KOJI.

Dunn started in radio after what he calls his "first failed attempt at a career in music," at a Middle of the Road station in Vermillion South Dakota. It was there that he would violate the station's MOR format with his own jazz show.

The call of the West Coast and a series of employment opportunities therein would take Dunn away for several years but he returned to the Midwest over a decade ago to fill a position at Western Iowa Tech Community College. He has hosted Saturday Night Jazz ever since, building his set lists almost entirely from new or recently re-issued material. "I've often said that right now is the real golden age of jazz," says Dunn pointing to talented young artists like Christian McBride and Diana Krall. He also nurtures his creative side by playing bass and singing in the local jazz combo the Eddie Dunn Project.

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February 15, 2014

7:00 PM
First Light
Artist : Chris Parker
Album : Full Circle
Label : OA2 22107
7:07 PM
Forth and Back
Artist : David Bromberg
Album : Forth and Back
Label : CAP 1031
7:14 PM
Artist : Dave Stryker
Album : Eight Track
Label : Strikezone 8809
7:22 PM
Artist : Jim Olsen Ensemble
Album : We See Stars
Label : OA2 22106
7:34 PM
Check Out Time
Artist : Ravi Coltrane
Album : Spirit Fiction
Label : Blue Note 509999 1893727
7:42 PM
Sonny Moon for Two
Artist : Jacques Lesure
Album : When She Smiles
Label : WJ3 1014
7:48 PM
Someone to Watch Over Me
Artist : Take 6
Album : The Standard
Label : Heads Up 3142
7:53 PM
Sunset Blues
Artist : Marc Seales
Album : American Blues, Vol. 2
Label : Origin 82658
8:00 PM
Don’t Let it Go
Artist : Vincent Herring
Album : Smoke Sessions
Label : SSR 1403
8:09 PM
Tuesday Overture
Artist : Norman David
Album : At This Time
Label : Cool Craft 41-02
8:16 PM
Flash Mob
Artist : Anton Schwartz
Album : Flash Mob
Label : Anton Jazz 1005
8:23 PM
If You Can’t Call
Artist : Frank Wess
Album : Magic 201
Label : IPO 1025
8:33 PM
New Picture
Artist : Tim Hegarty
Album : Tribute
Label : MHR 8623
8:40 PM
Santa Barbara
Artist : Alfredo Rodriguez
Album : The Invasion Parade
Label : MAC 1074
8:48 PM
Coast to Coast
Artist : Eddie Palmieri
Album : Is Doin' it in the Park
Label : Global Rhythm
8:54 PM
Mambo de Nice
Artist : Mitch Frohman
Album : From Daddy with Love
Label : TRR 015
9:01 PM
Artist : Phil Norman Tentet
Album : Totally Live
Label : MAA 1034
9:07 PM
Black Nile
Artist : Bill Goodwin
Album : Raise Four
Label : Vectordisc 031
9:14 PM
Lonnie’s Lament
Artist : Ari Brown
Album : Groove Awakening
Label : Delmark 5011
9:22 PM
Under a Wave
Artist : PJ Rasmussen
Album : Another Adventure
Label : Third Freedom 1002
9:29 PM
The Larry Willis I Know
Artist : Matt Criscuolo
Album : Blippity Blat
Label : Jazzeria 2013
9:41 PM
Artist : Pete Robbins
Album : Pyramid
Label : HateLaugh 003
9:49 PM
Artist : Scott Jeppesen
Album : El Guapo
Label : Creative Bottle
9:55 PM
Fugue in D Minor
Artist : John Stetch
Album : Off with the Cuffs
Label : Addo 020