Saturday Night Jazz

Saturdays, 7p - 10pm
Eddie Dunn

Get a three-hour workout in America's true art form with Eddie Dunn and Saturday Night Jazz. Dunn's satin-smooth voice and creative delivery have caused more than one KWIT-KOJI listener to assume that SNJ is a syndicated program. We are proud to say however, that Mr. Dunn can be heard exclusively on the airwaves of KWIT-KOJI.

Dunn started in radio after what he calls his "first failed attempt at a career in music," at a Middle of the Road station in Vermillion South Dakota. It was there that he would violate the station's MOR format with his own jazz show.

The call of the West Coast and a series of employment opportunities therein would take Dunn away for several years but he returned to the Midwest over a decade ago to fill a position at Western Iowa Tech Community College. He has hosted Saturday Night Jazz ever since, building his set lists almost entirely from new or recently re-issued material. "I've often said that right now is the real golden age of jazz," says Dunn pointing to talented young artists like Christian McBride and Diana Krall. He also nurtures his creative side by playing bass and singing in the local jazz combo the Eddie Dunn Project.

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September 15, 2012

7:00 PM
Shelley’s Guitar
Artist : John Daversa
Album : Artful Joy
Label : BFM 84812902954
7:05 PM
McGregor Bay
Artist : Makaya McCraven
Album : Split Decision
Label : CS 0018
7:10 PM
Tailor Made
Artist : Tia Fuller
Album : AngelicWarrior
Label : MAC 1068
7:15 PM
Beijo Partido
Artist : Luciana Souza
Album : Duos III
Label : SSC 1315
7:20 PM
Recado Bossa Nova
Artist : Mike Tracy
Album : Surfboard
Label : Summit 593
7:25 PM
Hook or Crook?
Artist : Steve Williams
Album : Steve Williams & Jazz Nation
Label : OA2 22091
7:30 PM
Artist : Mike Bogle Trio
Album : Hipness Oasis
Label : MBP/Groove
7:35 PM
Greenwich Village Sometimes
Artist : Nobuki Takamen
Album : Three Wishes
Label : Summit 594
7:40 PM
Pedal Down
Artist : Native Soul
Album : One Mind
Label : American Showplace 5042
7:45 PM
Little Rootie Tootie
Artist : Greg Lewis
Album : Organ Monk
Label :
7:50 PM
Faint Melody
Artist : Hood Smoke
Album : Laid Up in Ordinary
Label : Origin 82622
7:55 PM
Artist : Jazz Soul Seven
Album : Impressions of Curtis Mayfield
Label : BFM 302062413-2
8:00 PM
Clave Heart
Artist : Grupo Los Santos
Album : Clave Heart
Label : OA2 22092
8:05 PM
Artist : Carol Robbins
Album : Moraga
Label : JCTS 108
8:10 PM
Theme Song
Artist : Fundamental
Album : Development
Label : Armored 8019
8:15 PM
Ev’ry Time We Say Goodbye
Artist : Cheryl Bentyne
Album : Let's Misbehave
Label : Summit 595
8:20 PM
Artist : Kenny Wheeler BB
Album : The Long Waiting
Label : CAM 5044
8:25 PM
In Love With the Night
Artist : Various Artists
Album : Joy Road Sampler
Label : MTM 97
8:30 PM
Comes Love
Artist : Jon Hamar
Album : Hymn
Label : Origin 82623
8:35 PM
Artist : Lionel Loneke
Album : Heritage
Label : Blue Note 5099932774221
8:40 PM
Artist : Ben-Hur/Debriano
Album : Our Thing
Label : MTM 95
8:45 PM
Just Squeeze Me
Artist : Jensen et al
Album : Blueprints
Label : Origin 82621
8:50 PM
Home Grown
Artist : Duke Ellington Legacy
Album : Single Petal of a Rose
Label : Renmar 6403