Saturday Night Jazz

Saturdays, 7p - 10pm
Eddie Dunn

Get a three-hour workout in America's true art form with Eddie Dunn and Saturday Night Jazz. Dunn's satin-smooth voice and creative delivery have caused more than one KWIT-KOJI listener to assume that SNJ is a syndicated program. We are proud to say however, that Mr. Dunn can be heard exclusively on the airwaves of KWIT-KOJI.

Dunn started in radio after what he calls his "first failed attempt at a career in music," at a Middle of the Road station in Vermillion South Dakota. It was there that he would violate the station's MOR format with his own jazz show.

The call of the West Coast and a series of employment opportunities therein would take Dunn away for several years but he returned to the Midwest over a decade ago to fill a position at Western Iowa Tech Community College. He has hosted Saturday Night Jazz ever since, building his set lists almost entirely from new or recently re-issued material. "I've often said that right now is the real golden age of jazz," says Dunn pointing to talented young artists like Christian McBride and Diana Krall. He also nurtures his creative side by playing bass and singing in the local jazz combo the Eddie Dunn Project.

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November 23, 2013

7:00 PM
Day Play
Artist : Rubin/Braden
Album : Full Circle
Label : CPM 1002
7:06 PM
Cold Hammered
Artist : Steve Treseler
Album : Center Song
Label : CMA 004
7:15 PM
If the Mountain Was Smooth
Artist : George Colligan
Album : The Endless Mysteries
Label : Origin 82654
7:24 PM
Artist : Halie Loren
Album : Simply Love
Label : Justin Time 8581-2
7:28 PM
Lover’s Leap
Artist : Joshua Shneider
Album : Love Speaks Orchestra
Label : BJUR 038
7:38 PM
Until Paisagem
Artist : Stowell/Liebman
Album : Blue Rose
Label : Origin 82655
7:47 PM
Samba de Vision
Artist : Ivan Lins
Album : Cornucopia
Label : SSC 1354
7:51 PM
Artist : Alon Yavnai
Album : Shir Ahava
Label : NDR
8:00 PM
Throw It Away
Artist : Mann/Werner
Album : Celestial Anomaly
Label : PPR 00701
8:07 PM
Foggy Cloud
Artist : Dewa Budjana
Album : Joged Kahyangan
Label : Moon June 059
8:14 PM
Central Park
Artist : Matt Baker
Album : Underground
Label :
8:25 PM
Jitterbug Waltz
Artist : Craig Yaremko
Album : Organ Trio
Label : OA2 22105
8:32 PM
Artist : Brian Gephart
Album : Standing on Two Feet
Label : Origin 82656
8:42 PM
Oh, John
Artist : Rene Marie
Album : I Wanna Be Evil
Label : MTM 129
8:48 PM
Here, There and Everywhere
Artist : Roswell Rudd
Album : Trombone for Lovers
Label : SSC 1369
8:51 PM
The Bay is Deep
Artist : Quartet San Francisco
Album : Pacific Premieres
Label : JCCD 109
9:01 PM
Yoko Mama
Artist : Mike Longo
Album : Live from New York
Label : CAP 1041
9:09 PM
Stella By Starlight
Artist : Eddie Gomez
Album : Per Sempre
Label : BFM 3020624142
9:18 PM
Coming Back to Yesterday
Artist : Rick Van Matre
Album : Lines Above
Label : Summit 608
9:29 PM
A Walk for Ethel
Artist : George Cotsirilos
Album : Variations
Label : OA2 22104
9:34 PM
El Gaucho
Artist : Ben Wanicur
Album : The Excluded Middle
Label :
9:41 PM
Zig Zag
Artist : Kevin Coehlo
Album : Turn It Up
Label : CCP 7018
9:48 PM
Don’t Be That Way
Artist : Dave Bennett
Album : Don't Be That Way
Label : MAC 1071
9:53 PM
Blues to Africa
Artist : Weston/Harper
Album : The Roots of the Blues
Label : SSC 3097