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Protige (Mark Koenigs) and Eboli (Jason Reinert) worked together as a DJ team for ten years before they became the DAD duo. Stemming from the want to make hip hop their full-time gig, they decided to give their DAD idea a shot and as they say, the rest is history.

"We usually write separately so when we get together with our DAD time that we have, we can record," explains Protige.

You can see them on the Abe Stage at Saturday in the Park this weekend.


Jim Schaap

What’s there today is more of a grave than a memorial. Once upon a time—well, for more than 100 years—an obelisk stood mightily atop that chunk of granite, rose twenty feet into the air above the Missouri River.

But the obelisk is gone. A naked steel bolt reminds you that something once stood there. But then, maybe that’s okay. The issues aren’t mine to determine.

Sioux City band, Stop Motion Skeletons, discuss their musical influences, songwriting process, and how they came up with their band name. 

"It's really hard to write music over already written lyrics. It's so much easier to write a melody that you really like and then listen to it over and over and over until you get lyrics to it," explained Shawn Fertig, the band's lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist.

Newscast, 5:32,Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Jun 14, 2017

Iowa Republican Congressman Steve King blames liberal groups for creating the atmosphere that lead to today's shooting of a fellow congressman, Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds appoints a head of human services and West Nile Virus returns to South Dakota.  

Newscast, 4:04, Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Jun 14, 2017

Northwest Iowa Republican Congressman Steve King blamed groups who have been protesting President Donal Trump for creating an atmosphere that made today's shooting of a Louisana Congressman likely to happen, Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds appoints a new head of the troubled state department of health and human serivces.   

Disability Group Sues Iowa's Governor

Jun 14, 2017

Medicaid Lawsuit 061418

Six Iowans with disabilities have filed a lawsuit against Gov. Kim Reynolds, over the state’s shift to a privately run Medicaid program. Siouxland Public Media’s Mary Hartnett has more.

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The WPA in Le Mars

Jun 14, 2017
Wikimedia Commons

Once upon a time, twenty-five buildings were built just outside of LeMars, Iowa, at a fancy recreation complex/golf course, a facility otherwise unheard of in the area, each building blessed with the very same Kasota limestone veneer, a building material so weather-averse that the collection at Willow Creek looks as if they’ve never yet seen a Siouxland storm.


After winning her first poetry contest 26 years ago, Jeanne Emmons received the prize money and decided, “I’m going to use this $500 for something life-changing.”

Newscast, 5:32, Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Jun 13, 2017

Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds says the state will have to dip into its emergency fund to meet funding needs, and this comes after deep cuts passed by the Iowa Legislature this year.  It looks like students may be attending a new Bryant Elementary next August.  There are people gathering at West Lake Okoboji who are getting together to keep the lake free from pollution.   

Newscast, 5:04, Tuesday, June 13th, 2017

Jun 13, 2017

Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds tells the state that the financial situation of Iowa is still a problem.  The Sioux City Council approves a long awaited deal to recontrstruct Pierce St. between 24th and 30th Streets.