Adrian Kolbo

Adrian talks donuts and roasted nuts and other delicious things with Aaron Sailor from Sprinkles Donut and Coffee Shop

We're talking about the deep fried decadence of the donut today with Aaron Sailor of Sprinkles Donut and Coffee Shop a new downtown business located next to The Sugar Shack Bakery. Sailor talks about all the donut toppings including the best-selling maple and bacon. Also he talks roasted nuts and how he and his family travel to renaissance festivals with his side business, EATA Buncha Nuts.

Food For Thought - Becky Kempers SCFM 2-16-18

Feb 16, 2018

Becky Kempers joins Adrian on this edition of Food For Thought.  Kempers provides us with an overview of what the market is, where its been and what hopes to achieve this summer.

Guest Dave Winslow from Jackson St. Brewing stops by to talk with guest-host Steve Smith about his nearly 3 year old business, the brewing process, casks, whiskey barrels, IPA's, stouts, sours, and....Hamms, of course.  

Adrian talks with Tyler Reiter, event coordinator with Steins and Vines which will be at the Sioux City Convention Center February 17th. The event features wines and beers in sample sizes so you don't have to commit to an entire bottle of wine or 6 pack of beer. Brad Lepper of Stone Bru will be providing coffee and he talks about his role and an exhibitor.

Food For Thought - 1-12 Joe Sepulveda

Jan 12, 2018

Adrian sits down on a live edition of Food For Thought with Chef Joe Sepulveda, the Cordon Bleu trained chef who oversees the kitchen at 1008 Key Club (former 21st Amendment) on Historic 4th Street. They talk about what has changed and stayed the same on the menu as well as re-branding and food philosophy for being a chef in the Midwest.

Food For Thought - 1-05 Gnarly Pepper - Sara Gotch

Jan 5, 2018

Sara Gotch's idea to blend spices with plain Greek yogurt to make a healthy but tasty alternative to traditional dips and condiments won her the Innovation Market award last year. Now she's spreading her Gnarly Pepper brand from coast to coast and Adrian Kolbo asks her how that's going.

Food For Thought - 12-29 Austin Foster

Dec 29, 2017

Diving Elk mix maestro Austin Foster is on Food For Thought this time. Austin has some recommendations for New Year's Eve cocktails, including a gin based, champagne drink called the French 75.

Food For Thought - 3-09 Kelly Quinn

Dec 8, 2017

Fresh Cold Press, creates fresh juices, including sugar cane juice and coconut juice, on site at their Southern Hills Mall location and in season, at the Sioux City Farmer's Market. Aaron Haase provides Adrian with the juicy details....(Editor's Note: I'm so sorry about that, I couldn't help it.)

Adrian Kolbo steps in as the new host for Food For Thought, and he welcomes Tyrel Drey to talk about what whiskeys make a good gift.

Food for Thought eases into the holiday season with a new host, Adrian Kolbo, who takes us into the holiday season with a buyer's guide for whiskey. From American bourbon to single malt Scotch, what's right for that special someone on your shopping list? Tyrel Drey is an expert on the subject and he'll help you out.