Bad Village

Jun 29, 2017
Smithsonian Institute

Her father doesn’t ask her consent, but promises his greatly-admired daughter to the old warrior anyway, despite her silent protest. Many years separate the girl from the man she is bound to marry, and secretly—her parents know nothing of it—she had promised herself already to a young warrior from the village.

All of that is the first act of this somehow familiar drama. What it clearly suggests is an ancient human conflict: love versus community, tradition, and family. This version belongs to Omaha lore.

The Midnight Ballers

Jul 12, 2016
Hank Zimmerman

Up to seven nights a week at a local gym in Sioux City, you can find a basketball group calling themselves The Midnight Ballers. Players from different cites, states, and even countries unite through their love of the game.

Ode: Ally Karsyn

Apr 27, 2016
Ally Karsyn

Less stuff, more life

Whenever I start to feel stuck, I change the one thing I can, and I begin redecorating with all the fervor of Martha Stewart on the day she discovered Pinterest. My arbitrary impulse serves as a welcome distraction.

But while I’m flitting from room to room, I’m faced with things that were purchased under the assumption that they’d be placed in a lovely downtown loft apartment, not a lonely suburban home that has a lawn to mow and bushes to trim and porches to paint.

WITCC's Institute for Lifelong Learning

The issuing of Western Iowa Tech's Institute for Lifelong Learning catalog is a clarion call to Siouxlander's interested in culture, travel, and friendship. The fall 2015 catalog, which has just landed on tabletops and in mailboxes, continues to sing. There are opportunities to attend operas, learn guitar, read contemporary novels, explore the life of Helen Keller, consider the presidency of Andrew Jackson, demystify quilts, etc.