Each year, the American Library Association recognizes 10 outstanding adult books that provide teens with an introduction to adult literature.  Today, I am recommending Everything I Never Told You--the award-winning debut novel by bestselling author Celeste Ng.

This mesmerizing story begins with the drowning death of 16 year-old Lydia Lee--the middle and favorite child of James and Marilyn Lee. One spring morning in 1977, Lydia fails to show up for breakfast.  We know that she has drowned in a nearby lake, but her family doesn’t.

Today, I’m recommending a quirky work of domestic fiction called Spoonbenders by Daryl Gregory.

Margaret Holman's Meatball Skillet Dinner

Mar 3, 2017

Meatball Skillet Dinner  


1/4 cup finely chopped onion  

1 lb. ground beef (85% or 90% lean)  

2 T flour  

1/2 t salt  

1/2 t garlic salt

1/4 t pepper

1 egg, beaten with a fork  

1/4 cup milk  

1 can Campbell’s Cream of Celery soup  

6 smallish potatoes (lg. reds or sm. russets)

6 carrots (fresh, green-top bunch if possible)  

1 T butter (for sauté of onions and meatballs)    


The Grossman Family Musicians will perform this afternoon for the Sioux City Chamber Music Association. Their program will include works by Halvorsen and Mendelssohn. We were joined by a few of the family members in Studio A this past week. Eli and Nathaniel Mathews performed and talked while Rene Grossman-Mathews joined Mark at the interview table.

The recital begins at 3:00 this afternoon in First Presbyterian Church.  

This is Lacey Fullerton with the Sioux City Public Library and you’re listening to Check It Out. Today, I am recommending Kevin Wilson’s 2011 novel, The Family Fang.

Ode: Joanne Fox Loses Her Cubs

Jun 29, 2016

"Wherever you go, there you are” is an inescapable truth for my third son.

For me, a better maxim might be, “What you don’t know, can’t hurt you.”

Because he was always on the go, we often thought Eric was part gypsy.

Well, except for his coloring.

When he was born, Eric resembled an albino with bright, blue eyes and white-blonde hair. I even nicknamed him “Bino Baby.” What a difference he was from the brown hair, brown eyes of myself and his two older brothers, only sharing my husband Dean’s dark blonde hair and blue eyes.

F4T: Three Sisters

Jun 17, 2016

SPM’s Gretchen Gondek chats with Ann Muller about a wonderful new eatery in Remsen that is located in a the former German Bank, established in 1877.  The Three Sister’s Bistro recently opened and offers homemade crackers, soups, salads and baked goods, all from family recipes.  

Donna Brooks
Ally Karsyn

You went down on August 26—my 29th birthday. That’s what the doctors and nurses kept calling it, anyway. It didn’t take long for me to understand that this is one of many ambiguous terms medical practitioners use to speak without saying anything.