Ryan Dowell Baum
Ally Karsyn

There comes a time in everyone’s life when they realize the world doesn’t make sense.

Branden Bullington
Ally Karsyn

I joined the Air Force fresh out of high school. The day I left for bootcamp, my best friend sat next to me sobbing because we were about to leave our small town in southwest Iowa. I couldn’t wait to get away. 

Jetske Wauran
Ally Karsyn


“You’re positive,” the doctor said.

Shandell Inlay
Ally Karsyn

I learned about persistence the day my husband went to prison.

Ty Rushing
Ally Karsyn

David versus Goliath. Giants versus Patriots. And 3-year-old Ka’Mori versus 23-year-old me.

Cultural Continuum 4-20-18

Apr 20, 2018

Travis Morgan joins Steve to talk about the epic West Side Story production with the Sioux City Symphony Orchestra Saturday and Sunday at the Orpheum Theater. There is also live theater, a bevy of Earth Day events, art at a yoga studio and your usual assemblage of seminars and talks. 

Cultural Continuum 4-06-18

Apr 6, 2018
Visit Sioux City

Ode plays at the Marquee with opening act Edem Soul Music, there's art at the Benson Building and we blast off into a month of One Book One Siouxland with Margot Lee Shetterly's, Hidden Figures.

Steve Mahr
Ally Karsyn

Somewhere south of Colorado Springs, I leaned back in the passenger seat and fell asleep. I woke up screaming, “Ahhhhhhh!

Edem Soul Music
Ally Karsyn

Edem Soul Music will be opening Ode’s live storytelling night on Friday, April 6, starting at 6 p.m. at The Marquee in downtown Sioux City.

Jim Sorvaag
Ally Karsyn

Bill. I met him in early spring of 1981 when I was in law school. I’d come to Sioux City once in a while, looking for something I didn’t think I could find in small-town South Dakota.