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Living by Faith Alone

She and her husband went to the revival because the church was their church too, sort of. They hadn't been shy about telling their neighbors they liked the United Brethren fellowship but weren't that hot on all that stuff about hell. Maybe the revival’s title should have kept them away: "Hell, What it is. Where it is. Who Goes There." They went anyway. Even if I could write every word, I could scarcely suggest the unloving tone and manner of presentation, the vulgarity and crude materialism...

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Meet Naia Izumi, The 2018 Tiny Desk Contest Winner

31 minutes ago

After months of searching, the fourth annual Tiny Desk Contest winner has been announced!

Cumbia has become the lingua franca of Latin American music. A 2/4 beat that started in colonial Colombia, it has spread throughout Latin America, varying funkily throughout the continent.

So it makes sense that the artist who calls himself El Hijo de la Cumbia ("The Son of the Cumbia") lives in... Malmö, Sweden?

It's feeding time at Brad Felger's farm in Washington's Skagit Valley. And he's about to feed 40 hungry falcons.

Yes, falcons.

They're an important, albeit often unseen, part of farming in some states, used as a defense mechanism to keep away pesky birds like starlings, which love to eat berries and apples.

Since age 12, Felger has had a self-described love for everything with feathers, scales or tails.

"Falconers are, what's the word I'm looking for ... eccentric," Felger says.

This morning in New York City, the streaming giant Spotify -- which began publicly trading earlier this month and has a current valuation of $28 billion -- held a press conference to announce changes to the free version of its mobile app for both iOS and Android.

Most weekday mornings, after feeding the chickens, goat and cows, Nicolas Talbott drives through the rolling hills of Columbiana County in eastern Ohio to one of the schools where he is a substitute teacher. It was a busy winter — lots of teachers out with the flu. And while Talbott enjoys teaching, he hopes to move on soon, to a career in the U.S. Air Force working on global security.

"I want to serve my country, I want to serve the people in this country and I want to serve the Constitution of the United States," Talbott says, "no matter who is in office in our government."

How many attacks are there on health care facilities in Syria?

Dr. Rohini Haar, a public health researcher at the University of California, Berkeley, led a team that collected ground reports of attacks in 2016 in northern Syria, filed by civilians via cellphone text.

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Emo has plenty of genre-wide classics, the kind of songs that, while never actually topping the charts, have become inescapable within that scene. And while it's a fairly crowded field, one listen to "Passion Fruit Tea" proves that Retirement Party deserve a place in the canon.

With guest host John Donvan.

“The Americans” is a drama series about a suburban American household in the 1980’s. But there’s a twist: The parents are Soviet agents, and they’re embedded on a mission to steal American secrets.

With guest host John Donvan.

In the century after the Civil War, more than 4,000 black Americans were lynched. Men, women, and children were publicly tortured and killed in acts of mob violence meant to incite fear.

“These lynchings were terrorism,” says a report from the Equal Justice Initiative.

The 2015 report found that there had been hundreds more lynchings than previously thought, because “there is an astonishing absence of any effort to acknowledge, discuss, or address lynching.”


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