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Margaret Holman

Into the Theatre

As part of the Betty Ling Tsang Fine Arts Series, Morningside College presents Into the Woods. This musical, lyrics by Stephen Sondheim and book by James Lapine, unites favorite characters from Grimm's fairy tales, including Rapunzel, Cinderella, and Little Red Riding Hood. The land in which these characters can interact is necessarily fantastical, and the production team at Morningside has realized this land quite vividly: a tree beside the stage is built upon a turntable so that it can...
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Mark and Elizabeth Munger

Welcome. Sit. Stay. Chester.


Food for Thought: Blue Zone Cooking Classes

Tony award-winning actress Sutton Foster just turned 40, but in the TV Land show Younger she gets to be 26 again. Foster plays Liza, a middle-aged woman who needs to get back into the job market. The last time Liza applied for jobs, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram didn't exist. Now, she's convinced that no one wants to hire someone her age. So she moves to Brooklyn, gets a few highlights, learns how to tweet, and applies for a job as an assistant to a fancy New York publisher.

'The Precious One' Has Love At Its Heart

1 hour ago

Sometimes when I'm talking about romance novels, I try to explain that one of the main reasons I love a good love story — indeed, why many romance fans love them — is because they give us a sense of hope. If these characters can overcome obstacles, become better people, and prove that they deserve each other, then love prevails. Love can change the world.

Villagers in a rural district of Kenya are getting a helping hoof to adapt to climate change. A newly introduced breed of supergoat is cutting the number of months per year that villagers in the district of Nyando go hungry.

Half of the men's college basketball Final Four is set. Kentucky, still undefeated, will take on Wisconsin next Saturday night in Indianapolis.

Kentucky tacked on win number 38 in a game against Notre Dame, breaking a tie in the final 6 seconds with a 68-66 victory.

The game was tight through the first half, the teams trading a close lead back and forth. They were tied at the half, 31-31.

Notre Dame held the lead through most of the second, but the Wildcats kept the score close throughout.

The animals were getting lost in the forest — so the story goes.

A year after Walt Disney made history with the release of his studio's first feature-length animated film, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, his artists were struggling to find the right design for the woodland backgrounds of Bambi, the coming-of-age tale of a young deer.

About 25 years ago, John Bovery started a modest football pool out of his home in New Jersey. It had 57 participants, all friends and co-workers.

But thanks to word of mouth — and the multiplying factor of email — Bovery's pool grew to staggering proportions. At one point, it got too large for Bovery to handle himself, so he contacted a software company to custom-build something suited to his needs.

By 2009, it included more than 8,000 entries from people around the globe, with a total payout of more than $800,000.

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Nigerians Go To The Polls

13 hours ago
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Assessing The Ellen Pao Verdict

13 hours ago
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An Update On Yemen's Escalating Crisis

13 hours ago
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