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Cultural Continuum 6-23-17

Jun 23, 2017

Abe Stage Songwriter Spotlight - Goodbye Old Friend

Jun 23, 2017

Le Mars band, Goodbye Old Friend, have been writing together since early 2016. Alex Singer, the band's vocalist, and Colby Bishop, bassist, talk about their songwriting process and how their song Charlatan came together.

"We just try to write lyrics and write music that's gonna open people's eyes to their own lives and reflect upon themselves and start thinking about what's going on in the world in general," explains Jason Rhodes, the band's drummer.

Goodbye Old Friend will be playing on the Abe Stage at Saturday in the Park, next Saturday, July 1st.

CCM - Downtown Live: Scott Ellison

Jun 22, 2017

Jeanne Emmons penned her first poem in kindergarten. Hand-drawn, Crayon colored flowers rimmed the edge of the page. Written to her mother, who kept the note, it said, “You are pretty. Deep, deep pretty.”


She’s been crafting lilting lines of life’s musings ever since. Her fourth collection of poetry, called “The Red Canoe,” is due to come out in August.


“I never really thought I would be a poet, a published poet,” she said. “I just thought I was writing for myself.”


Lisa Naslund
Ally Karsyn

My husband, Jeff, and I have been married 32 years. We raised two daughters and a son. But for two years, I wasn’t sure how to answer the question, “How many children do you have?” You see, our son Sgt. Dillion Naslund completed suicide on December 10, 2012. He was 25.

Jim Schaap

What’s there today is more of a grave than a memorial. Once upon a time—well, for more than 100 years—an obelisk stood mightily atop that chunk of granite, rose twenty feet into the air above the Missouri River.

But the obelisk is gone. A naked steel bolt reminds you that something once stood there. But then, maybe that’s okay. The issues aren’t mine to determine.

10 O'Clock Blues 6.17.17

Jun 18, 2017