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Legislative Town Hall

Feb 27, 2017

At least two hundred people crowded into a room at the Sioux City Public Museum on Saturday morning to talk to their legislators.   Democratic house representatives Chris Hall and Tim Kacena and Republican Jim Carlin talked about the recent passage of the controversial collective bargaining measure.  Carlin said that Chapter 20 will change the way public employees bargain for raises and benefits, but health insurance could possibly become more affordable.



White Buffalo Girl's Grave

Feb 27, 2017
James Schaap

The only means of getting man and woman, beast and wagon across the rain-swollen Niobrara was by rope, hand over hand. Dozens of oxen and as many as 500 horses had to get to the other side, as did 523 Ponca men, women, and children. 

And the rain wouldn't stop. All those wagons were disassembled and shouldered through and over the raging Niobrara. It took a day to recover, yet another rainy day.

I was born in Kansas City, Missouri March 22, 1943. An interesting story from my childhood was that I was born in the midst of WWII, and my mother was the oldest out of five sisters.  Three of her sisters' husbands were in the war as well as my father, and my father didn't see me until I was three years old because he was in Europe.

He was stationed in England, he was part of the D Day Invasion, and he was never in battle. He was something called a telegrapher clerk and was on ship relaying the messages to how the battle was going.

Colin Samuels


Pianist Paavali Jumppanen will perform a challenging recital, which includes Pierre Boulez's Troisieme Sonate pour piano, this Friday night at 7:30p.m. in Eppley Auditorium.  

My Grandpa Albert lives in San Antonio, Texas.  I interviewed him over Facetime on my Ipad as there was no time to meet with him face to face.  His life is interesting and full of surprises!

Ultra Violet
Ally Karsyn

Ultra Violet describes itself as an “ever-evolving project pushing the creative boundaries of self through musical expression.” It started out as a duo with Angie Lambrecht, a trained percussionist, and one of her best friends, Velvet Adams, on bass.

They were influenced by Shakey Graves, an Americana musician from Austin, Texas, who set out as a one-man band, playing his vintage guitar and a floor drum made out of suitcase.


Kevin Kling is a master storyteller and down-home philosopher from the Land of 10,000 Lakes. He takes on a serious tone quickly cracked by humor, and while you’re softened by laughter, that’s when he’ll go straight for the heart and pulls those strings like a puppet master.


Fort Brule: A Wall Built of Fear

Feb 21, 2017
Wikimedia Commons

We’ve taken that razor-straight county road east and west often enough to have stopped, but never did. Last week, with time to kill, I pulled off where a bleached sign announced a historical marker with the headline Fort Brule.

My grandfather was named Farid Jabre. He was born in Beit Chebab, Lebanon. He changed his birth date to March 19 to show his devotion to Saint Joseph. My dad doesn’t remember my grandfather’s real birth date, except that he was born in the year 1921. Grandfather died before I was born. He died from a stroke and heart attack because of heavy cigarettes smoking. So, please, don’t smoke.

Iowa Lawmakers Approve Collective Bargaining Bill

Feb 16, 2017

Iowa lawmakers have approved a controversial measure that will severely limit collective bargaining for public workers.  Siouxland Public Media’s Mary Hartnett has more.

House File 291 passed on a party line vote of 53-to-47.  Once the bill had passed, several watching the proceedings shouted with anger after a failed attempt stop the chamber from going into recess.

House  :13

(sound from the House)